Rockford’s weather can be a real roof-ruffler, but local roofing companies are armed with impressive technology to keep your home safe and dry. Peek into their toolbox and see what keeps Rockford’s roofs tip-top.


  • Drone diplomacy

Forget the binoculars! Drones are becoming a popular tool for roof inspections. These nifty flying machines provide a bird’s-eye view, allowing roofers to pinpoint damage and assess hard-to-reach areas without setting foot on the roof itself. It’s safer for everyone involved and more relaxed than a traditional ladder inspection!


  • Infrared inspections

Think of it as an X-ray vision for your roof! Infrared cameras can detect hidden moisture problems beneath the surface. Infrared inspections can be beneficial for identifying leaks before they cause significant damage and turn your attic into a waterfall.


  • 3d modeling magic

A roofer with a tablet? There is a good chance they are using 3D modeling software. This technology allows roofers to create a precise digital model of your roof. This can be used for everything from planning repairs to visualizing the outcome of a roof replacement project.


  • Software savvy

There is a lot more to roofing than hammering nails! Many roofing companies use specialized software to estimate project costs, manage materials, and schedule appointments. This keeps things organized and ensures your roof project runs smoothly.


  • Communication central

Have you ever wished you could chat with your roof while it is being fixed? Some companies are using online portals that allow homeowners to track the progress of their roof repair or replacement in real time. Photos, updates, and accessible communication—what more could you ask for?

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