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Pay zero for your new roof (in the long run!)

Homeowners usually undergo home improvement projects with the expectation of upgrading their current space into something they have always wanted. Although homeowners expect upgrades to add significant value to their home, most home improvement projects won’t add that much to the bottom line if you sell.   With that said, there are home improvement projects […] Read More

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How A New Roof Can Save You Money

A new roof can average of over $10,000, making it one of the more expensive home improvement tasks. However, don’t let the cost scare you! There are several ways that your new roof could put the cash back in your pocket. Here’s how:   A New Roof Increases Protection In the past decade, shingles have […] Read More

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How to Avoid Taking Summer Damage into Fall

For many, Labor Day signifies the end of what feels like summer. While fall doesn’t officially start until September 23rd, the feeling of summer (and warm temperatures) starts to disappear after the holiday. Get a jump start on home maintenance tasks by finishing these improvement projects while the weather is still warm.   Request A […] Read More


Is your home outdated? Here’s how to tell.

If your home is 15 years or older, features that were once “standard” are now turn-offs for potential buyers. If you’re thinking about listing your home, that’s probably not the best news. Afterall, no homeowner wants to hear their home is “outdated” or the sale price should be lowered. The good news is making small […] Read More

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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

One of the biggest challenges that homeowners face is choosing the right roofing contractor. After all, it’s a pretty big investment! Get the best service for your budget by following these tips: 1. Ask for References Before you decide to hirer a roofing contactor ask if they have any previous customers you can call. Ask these previous […] Read More

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Prevent These Costly Problems With A Roof Inspection

Was your home hit by a hailstorm? If you’re like most homeowners you’re probably thinking, “there’s not a hole in my roof so what’s the big deal?” You may be surprised to learn that hail can cause significant damage to your home even if it didn’t create holes in your roof. When hail hits, it […] Read More

How To Spot Hail Damage: Free Guide

Hail is one of the most common types of severe weather that homeowners will face. In fact, our area gets 1-2 major storm events each year. As you probably know, each storm can vary in terms of size and duration – both of which can impact how much damage is done to your home. No […] Read More

3 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Do After A Hailstorm

Hail causes about $1 billion in damage to crops and property each year. Yet few homeowners know what steps to take after the storm to prevent further damage and escalating repair costs. So that’s exactly what we’re covering below. The first thing to know? Time is not on your side. Damage from a hailstorm can […] Read More

What In The Hail Damage?

Hail is a pretty common occurrence, especially in the summer months. In fact, the US experienced 4,611 large hailstorms in 2018 alone! Large hail can really damage your home, but the amount of damage can vary depending on the size and density of the hail, the types of materials on your home, and more.    So, […] Read More

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Can Hail Damage Your Roof Or Is It A Scam?

Hailstorms may not seem like the worst type of natural disaster that can damage your home – but they are the most common. Hail can also cause a surprising amount of damage to your home including the roof, siding, windows and gutters. But most homeowners don’t even know they have damage until it’s too late! […] Read More